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Date: 9/9/2022
Subject: Copy of Updates & Upcoming Events
From: Beth Hendrix, Executive Director, LWVCO

Board Briefings
September 2022

Irene Tynes & Beth Hendrix

And we’re entering the homestretch, folks -- pre-election work is the heart and soul of the League!

We know that many League members are burning the midnight oil organizing candidate forums, researching ballot issues, and working to get out the vote – and we’re grateful!

LWVCO is preparing to publish the 86th edition of Ballot Issues, something we’ve done each year since 1936 to empower voters. Ballot Issues represents the work of many: researchers, writers, reviewers, translators, formatters, printers, and those responsible for distribution. Toni Larson and Gerry Cummins stepped up to the plate to provide expertise and guidance to members and partners researching each of Colorado’s 11 ballot issues and ensured that the League’s nonpartisan voice is maintained and heard. 



Virtual meeting met by Zoom

6:35 PM Call to Order; Quorum Established, Irene Tynes


Board of Directors

Irene Tynes, President, LWV of Denver- present

Sharon Davis, Vice President, LWV of Larimer County- present

Veniece Miller, Secretary, LWV of Mesa County- present

Bonnie Seals, Treasurer, LWV of Estes Park - present

Lena Brown, Director at Large, LWV of Arapahoe & Douglas Cos. – present

Barb Whinery, Co-Director, Voter Services, LWV of Greeley-Weld Cos.- present

Maud Naroll, Action & Advocacy, LWV of Arapahoe & Douglas Cos. - present

Kathy Wilson, Action & Advocacy, LWV of Larimer County - present

Karen Sheek, Local League Support, LWV of Montezuma County - present

Sterling Harris, Director at Large, LWV of Denver - present

Deborah Lively, Director at Large, LWV of Boulder - present

Cameron Manning, Director at Large, LWV of Denver - present


9.13.22 Make Colorado Affordable
Click here to register!

Click here to register!

9.14.22 Climate Leg Forum
Register here

AVM task force logo
Going Big on Better Voting Methods
By LWVCO's Alternative Voting Methods Task Force

Imagine voting for governor, US senator, or your state legislators using a voting method that lets you better express your opinions than our current vote-for-one plurality voting!  Our LWVCO Alternative Voting Methods Task Force wants to make this scenario a reality.
Join our Task Force so that every Local League can learn about and contribute to our action-and-advocacy plans and so that we can speak with a unified, powerful statewide voice. We would love to have at least one Task Force member from every Local League so that we can hear a wide range of perspectives and truly represent LWVCO on this important issue!
Click here to register for the Alternative Voting Methods Task Force Meeting at 6:30pm on 9/19/2022!

9.21.22 Guns in Colorado
Register here!

9.23.22 MDW Day
Register here

10.1.22 Lab to Combat Human Trafficking training

Upcoming Events
September 13
September 14
September 15
September 17
September 19
September 20
National Voter Registration Day
September 21
September 22
September 23
September 24
September 27
September 29
October 6
October 12

NOTE: All times are Mountain. Are any events missing from this list? Please notify to be included in our next email. Thank you!


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