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Date: 7/15/2022
Subject: The Voter: The Voice of the League of Women Voters of Colorado
From: Beth Hendrix, Executive Director, LWVCO

Colorado Voter
VOLUME 36, NUMBER 7 •  JULY 2022

 Colorado's Innovative and Stellar Election System
LWVCO's Whitepaper, "Colorado's Innovative and Stellar Election System," is available in full form and a handy one page document in both English and Spanish! The committee would love to present to your group, schools, or anywhere else that may be helpful.
As we know, Colorado’s voting system is considered an election gold standard and exemplifies the League mission: Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy. It is a product of evolving improvements, as elected county clerks, the elected Secretary of State, and other stakeholders seek additional means to provide accessibility, security, accuracy and transparency.

They Don't Trust Election Officials, So They're Doing Their Own Door-To-Door Audit
(from: Consider This From NPR)

Your vote is secret. But the fact that you voted in an election is typically public record.
So some people who falsely believe the 2020 election was stolen have tried to audit the results themselves by going door to door in neighborhoods across the country.

NPR's Miles Parks and Colorado Public Radio's Bente Birkeland report on this canvassing effort. It's part of a controversial movement to galvanize everyday Americans to try to uncover voter fraud in their own communities. 


Colorado counties begin auditing ballots to verify accuracy of 2022 primary election
By Matt Bloom
(from: CPR News)
The process of verifying Colorado’s 2022 primary election results kicked off this week with the rolling of a 10-sided die. 

Officials with the Secretary of State’s office used 20 separate dice on Monday to generate a random sequence of numbers, or “seeds,” to determine which ballots from the June 28 primary must be double and, in some cases, triple checked by counties. 

Those designations are the first step of what’s known as a risk-limiting audit — a process that happens every election before results get certified. The procedure uses software to compare votes from a selected group of paper ballots against the votes recorded by each county’s electronic tabulation machines. 

Counties must report initial results to the state by the end of the day Wednesday. If a large enough number of discrepancies are found, a second random audit is triggered. 

Available on our YouTube Channel

Columbine, Aurora shooting victim families visit White House for first gun law passage in decades

By Caitlyn Kim

(from: CPR News)


The crowd of a few hundred people on the White House South Lawn Monday afternoon all shared one common link.


Their lives were changed by gun violence.  

Coloradans in the crowd included Tom Mauser, state Rep. Tom Sullivan and state Sen. Rhonda Fields. 
All three lost children to gun violence. 
They have since become champions for gun safety legislation. 

“People often ask me is it frustrating not having anything done after 23 years after Columbine,” said Mauser, whose son Daniel was killed in the Columbine school shooting. Some of Daniel’s classmates were also at the White House.  

They were glad to see last month’s passage of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, the most significant gun safety legislation signed into law in three decades.

“I remind them that we've done things at the state level,” Mauser said. “It's at the federal level that nothing has really happened, but now it's great to be able to say something has happened at the federal level.”

The law closes the so-called boyfriend loophole, provides additional funding for school security and mental health, cracks down on straw purchases, increases background checks for buyers under the age of 21 and provides funding for states to implement red flag laws.

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