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Date: 6/13/2022
Subject: The Voter: The Voice of the League of Women Voters of Colorado
From: Beth Hendrix, Executive Director, LWVCO

Colorado Voter
VOLUME 36, NUMBER 6 •  JUNE 2022

LWVCO Positions on Current Initiatives 
The LWVCO Board of Directors recently voted to begin taking positions on initiatives while still in the signature collection phase.
Information on each initiative and LWVCO's position are listed here.
#31 State Income Tax Rate Reduction
#54 Petitions
#56 Unlawful Murder of a Child
#58 Access to Natural Medicine
#61 Legal Possession and Use of Entheogenic Plants and Fungi
#63 Additional Dedicated Revenue to the State Education Fund
And the process for placing a statewide initiative on the ballot.

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Are you getting ready for the LWV National Convention? This exciting event will take place from June 23-26 in Denver as well as online. Visit the LWVUS website to learn more about the convention!

Boulder City Council passes stricter gun ordinances

Tuesday night, four councils in Boulder County each met to vote on newly-proposed gun ordinances.


BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. — Boulder City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to pass a slate of new gun control laws, including banning so-called assault weapons and adding a waiting period for people wanting to buy guns.


The laws were proposed as a response to the shooting at a Boulder King Soopers in March 2021 that left 10 people dead.

Three of Boulder's neighboring cities -- Louisville, Superior and Lafayette -- are also discussing their own versions of the laws Tuesday evening. The goal is to create similar laws in all of Boulder County. 


"Thoughts and prayers are not enough," Boulder Mayor Aaron Brockett said before voting in favor of the ordinances. "We have to take the action that we can with the tools that we have available."

In general, the ordinances will:

  • Ban the sale of assault weapons
  • Ban magazines containing more than 10 rounds
  • Raise the purchase age from 18 to 21
  • Prohibit concealed carry in some places
  • Require a 10-day waiting period for gun purchases
  • Require gun stores to provide more awareness about the dangers of guns using signs


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