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Date: 4/29/2022
Subject: Support Protections for Mobile Home Residents - HB22-1287!
From: Toni Larson, Director of Action & Advocacy

SUPPORT HB22-1287 - Protections for Mobile Home Residents 

Sponsors: Reps. Boesenecker and Hooton; Sen. Winter 

Mobile homes make up the largest source of naturally occurring, unsubsidized affordable housing in Colorado, with most residents being hard-working families, older adults, people with disabilities, immigrant families, and veterans. Approximately 100,000 Coloradans live in over 700 mobile home communities throughout the state, and many residents are on fixed incomes. Mobile home parks have a unique business model in that most residents own their homes but rent the land (lot) on which their home sits. Most mobile homes are not movable, so if a park owner pursues redevelopment of the park, mobile home owners are at risk of losing their homes and their investment. 

The League of Women Voters of Colorado supports policies to provide a decent home and a suitable living environment for every American family, and measures that ensure fair treatment under the law for all persons. The League has supported previous bills that provide protections for mobile home park residents. 

Provisions in HB22-1287 build upon previous protections based on needs raised by residents to protect affordability, increase stability, and ensure greater accountability. For example, this bill allows for relocation costs for mobile home owners or fair market value home purchase in the event of a change in the land use of the park. It also increases the enforcement authority of the Attorney General and statewide oversight program, and it enhances timeframes and requirements for mobile home owners to have an opportunity to purchase their park. 


This bill will be heard in the Senate Finance Committee on Monday, May 2!  Please contact members of the Committee to express your support of this bill and urge them to vote YES! 

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