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Date: 3/2/2022
Subject: Connector Testing Opportunity
From: Rionda Osman

TO:  LWV Larimer County, LWV Boulder County, LWVCO
FROM:  Rionda Osman
SUBJECT: LWVUS/ ClubExpress Connector Testing

We have news of progress on the LWVUS/ ClubExpress Connector project.  The Data Connector is in its last testing phases, and the Funds Connector is ready for initial testing using League data. 
It seems a long time ago, so we should remember that the goals of the Connector project are to:
  • Stop double entry of membership information by moving a copy of local data to LWVUS nightly
  • Automate PMP payments
  • Share credit card fees among local, state, and national Leagues
Well over a year ago, we agreed that data from the State Office, Larimer County, and Boulder County could be used in system testing.  Indiana has already volunteered to participate in this phase of testing.
Below is a copy of Dan Ehrmann's email to Kevin Ringkamp detailing the steps they need to begin testing the Funds Connector.  Essentially, they would use data from our Leagues to test their system.  We wouldn't necessarily notice that anything was happening, but we should expect and hope that if there were anomalies we would be asked for information.
As we've said before, the advantage to being the experimenters (or experimentees) is that our eccentricities would be discovered and accommodated early. An example is the inclusion in the test of a Household with a Lifetime member and a secondary member -- this case arose when developers encountered an unusual example. 
I will tell Dan and Kevin later today that Larimer County, Boulder County, and the State Office will participate in the testing of the Funds Connector.  Let me know if you don't wish to participate.  
My best, Rionda
PS:  Here are some links to share when you discuss the Connector:  

Roundtable - Be sure to log in
LWVUS Announcement of Cooperation


Copy of Email from Dan Ehrmann to Kevin Ringkamp 1March2022

Kevin, the Funds Connector is ready to test.


As we previously discussed, the model is to withdraw PMP funds from local Leagues (and the State if they have non-local members) on the 10th of each month. These funds will then be remitted to the National bank account (and the State if local Leagues collect funds for the state) on the 20th of the month.


We need a couple of local Leagues in a state that also runs on ClubExpress, and ideally where a portion of local League membership dues is collected not only for National PMP but also for the state. I think the most likely candidates are in Colorado or Indiana.


For each of those local Leagues and for the state, we will do the following things before the 10th:


  • Explicitly enable them for the Funds Connector.
  • Specify a Start Date, after which we will calculate PMP funds for member signups and renewals.
  • Set up an additional member data question that’s used for Household memberships, where one is a Life member but the other isn’t.
  • Verify that everything is correctly configured for each member type at each level.


I suggest we run the test in March with two local Leagues and a state organization. Once we’ve verified everything, we can then open it up starting in April to whichever of the local Leagues and states running on ClubExpress that you want, at whatever pace you prefer.


Sometime after March 20th, once we’ve verified everything, we should also schedule a webinar for all Leagues running on ClubExpress to explain how the Funds Connector works.


Let me know if anything is not clear and how you want to proceed.


Dan Ehrmann
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