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Date: 2/22/2022
Subject: Reminder: Positions For Action Review aka program planning
From: Beth Hendrix, Executive Director, LWVCO

Action Alert

REMINDER: Positions for Action Review (Program Planning)



Colorado League Leadership team --
A quick reminder that March 1 is the deadline for program planning for both LWVCO and LWVUS!
LWVCO suggests members take a close look at our current positions as found in LWVCO's Positions for Action and in LWVUS's issues book, Impact on IssuesAll chapters are asked to consider if an addition, deletion, change, or concurrence -- each requiring extensive study -- should occur to any LWVCO or LWVUS position.

With LWVCO's change in bylaws moving from alternating Conventions/Councils to Annual Meetings, approved by membership in May 2021, we expanded the opportunities to adjust LWVCO's program positions from every other year to annually.
LWVUS continues on a biennial or every other year schedule (in even-numbered years) for requesting changes or additions to positions.

Current LWVCO positions are listed in the LWVCO Positions For Action 2019-21 book. Current LWVUS positions are listed in LWVUS Impact On Issues 2020-22. (For future reference, these documents may be found in LWVCO’s Document Library.)

The deadline for submitting recommendations to both LWVCO and LWVUS is Tuesday, March 1.


The 2022 LWVCO Response Survey is here, and the questions included in the survey are below for your convenience. Please direct your questions about LWVCO program planning to


The 2022 LWVUS Response Survey is here. The Leader's Guide to completing the LWVUS Response Survey is here. Please direct your questions about LWVUS program planning to

If you'd like to support LWVCO's Election Security position, as we hope you will, please enter 'yes' for #6 and #7 of the LWVUS survey, which will cause #8 to appear; here's sample text for #8: We support including the LWVCO "Election Security Position" proposal as a LWVUS Board recommended item for program consideration at Convention, as an essential tool for Making Democracy Work®. As a request for concurrence with an existing state position, this proposal needs no LWVUS resources. Questions on this? Contact Maud Naroll at

 Thank you for taking the time to participate in this important statewide planning activity!

Barbara Whinery Lena Brown
LWVCO Vice President, Planning LWVCO Director at Large, Issues Planning


LWVCO Response Survey questions:
  1. League name
  2. Contact name & info
  3. # of members
  4.  Does your League agree with LWVCO recommendations regarding no new study, review, or concurrence?
  5. Are there positions your League would like to see removed?
  6. Does your League recommend a new study? If yes, please provide the scope and rationale (300 word limit).
  7. Does your League recommend a review of an existing LWVCO Position? If yes, please provide scope and rationale (300 word limit).
  8. Does your League recommend a concurrence with an existing position from another League? If yes, please provide background and the position with which you would concur (500 word limit).


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