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Date: 2/14/2022
Subject: Happy Birthday, LWV!
From: Beth Hendrix

League Updates
 The League Of Women Voters Turns 102 
LWVCO is proud to be part of the League's mission to empower voters and defend democracy. Though we find ourselves in challenging times, the Colorado League will continue to uphold this vital work.
At The State Level...
Colorado's legislative session is in full swing. Our Legislative Action Committee is already hard at work keeping you informed by tracking bills, analyzing topics, and providing testimony.
At The National Level...
We recently adopted language for a League position about election security. During the LWVUS Convention in June, we'll present this language for concurrence and delegate voting so it can be used by local Leagues everywhere! That event will be hosted in Denver, so we're excited for this unique opportunity to strengthen the League from within.
If you're inspired by the work that we're doing in our communities near and far, please consider a donation to LWVCO. Think of it as a birthday present in honor of the League! Your gift in any amount will make a lasting difference in our programs and services. Thank you for your support!
As always, we truly appreciate your dedication to the League. Here's to another impactful year, and many more to come!


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