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Date: 1/17/2022
Subject: Roundtable/ Connector Updates
From: Rionda Osman

Barbara, Pat, and Laura !


Below is a draft of an email that I will send to the Local League Leaders.  Since I was unable to join the Roundtable Breakout Room on the Connector, I need your input. 


Please correct my missteps.  Please add info as needed. 


The Data Connector will be a great benefit to our membership managers when we get the kinks out.  While we may be able to delay participating, I believe that when the PMP Connector is operational, everyone will be encouraged to participate. 


Thank you for your help, Rionda



Local League Leaders !


At the LWV/ ClubExpress Roundtable meeting on Thursday, 13 January 2022, we learned that ClubExpress is ready to turn on the Data Connector.  I have copied Dan Erhmann’s email below.  Please share this information with the Membership Team and the Financial Team of your League. 


This is the Connector that we’ve been lobbying for for the past four years (at least).  The Roundtable team (Lorrel Plimier, Thomas Gardiner, and Wendi Ri) that has been working with LWVUS and ClubExpress will be updating the Roundtable website and clarifying what we have to do and what the implications will be.


At the present time, I believe that turning on the Connector is relatively simple.  As described in the ClubExpress email below, each ClubExpress site must link their Member Types to LWVUS Member Types.  Then, your ClubExpress database will update the National Roster each day. 


Questions to be answered concern: 

  • Time frames
  • Schedules
  • How to respond to unexpected changes
  • And much more


What to do now: 

  • Alert your Membership and Financial Teams
  • Monitor the LWV/ ClubExpress Roundtable website for information and updates [ LWV/ClubExpress Roundtable ]

The Roundtable folks are getting info together and will continue to post on the Connector Project page and on the Forum that will serve as FAQ.  

LWV/ClubExpress Roundtable

You have to “Join” — or open an account — in order to access the good stuff.  It is free.  It is not related to your League membership. 

Document Library:

In the Document Library > Roundtable (Member only) > Connector Project you will find a PowerPoint presentation that will be helpful even before/ if it gets updated.

  • Watch for meeting invitations and updates from me and/ or the Roundtable group. 


Announcement from ClubExpress 13 January 2022
For all League of Women Voters local Leagues and State Organizations:
The Data Connector between your local organization and the national database will be activated early next week. It will automatically send all member additions, updates, and drops to the national database, without you needing to manually update this information.
However, in order for it to work correctly, you need to do one thing:
  1. Log in to your ClubExpress website.
  2. Go to Control Panel - People tab - Setup section - Member Types
  3. For each member type in turn, click Edit and scroll down to the end of the first section
  4. You will see a field showing "Member Type for Data Sharing"
  5. Ensure that the national member type is correct for your local member type
  6. If you change it, be sure to click Save at the bottom of the screen
LWV Data Sharing
Repeat for each member type and that's it.
When the first upload is performed early next week, all active member data will be sent to the national database. After that, only additions, updates, and deletes will be sent.
Thank you for your patience. It's taken a while to get all the pieces put together and tested.
Dan Ehrmann
More Passion. Less Paperwork.


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