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Date: 1/9/2022
Subject: Roundtable/ Connector Updates
From: Rionda Osman

Beth !

First and foremost:  Happy New Year !  I hope 2022 brings you and your boys all good things. 

I have several things all related to the ClubExpress/ LWVUS relationship to run by you.



Below is an email that I propose to send to all of the Leagues in Colorado.  Please look it over and make sure I’m making sense, not stepping on toes, and so on.  Then, please tell me which email lists will get it to the most likely people.  ?? Presidents??



Because the Connector is becoming a reality, the State Office will be affected.  The project is rolling out in slow motion, so there should be no sudden surprises.  However, I still need to work with your office, Adams County, Montezuma County, the San Luis Valley, and anyone else whose records are in the State database.  Those membership records will have to be maintained on the State Office site.  We have some time, but eventually, the information from the State Office site will be used to update the National Roster.  So, any manual changes made by the State Office or the Local Leagues will be over-ridden by the automatic updates from the State Office database. 

If you know to whom in the Local Leagues I should be speaking, please let me know.  Otherwise, I’ll keep flailing around trying to find someone.



I urge you and/ or your staff to “join” the Roundtable:   There is no cost, and the site is packed with information.  Various users groups from all over the country are sharing tips and strategies about webpage design, communications tools, membership management, and so on. 

I also urge you and/ or your staff to attend the next Roundtable meeting (Thursday, 13Jan2022):  Join the group and register for the meeting.



Also, Tom Gardiner (Indiana; and Joyce LeBombard (Texas; are talking about getting together with State-level ClubExpress users to exchange ideas about the different role that State Leagues have versus Local Leagues.  If you’d like to be included in their early-days, coffee-break discussions, please contact them. 

Here's the text of the email I want to send to each League.  Membership people and Treasurer people will be most affected by the upcoming changes. 
How do I get to those people?  Is the list named "Committee Local Leagues Presidents"   ???

TO:  Colorado Leagues
FROM:  Rionda Osman
SUBJECT:  LWV/ ClubExpress Connector


Happy New Year Everyone !


This memo is to encourage all of you to attend the next meeting of the LWV/ ClubExpress Roundtable 12:00 pm MT, Thursday 13 January 2022.


Go to the Roundtable website

Join the group (no charge)


Click on the Upcoming Event to register


Please make sure that the interested parties in your League know about this meeting and are encouraged to attend.


This particular meeting should be of interest because the LWVUS team will be updating us on the Connector project:  projected turn-ons, phasing-in schedule, and so on.  Membership Managers and Treasurers will be affected.


As we have learned, this project is in two parts:


The Data Connector – when the Data Connector is up and running, the Local League database in ClubExpress will update the National Roster every night.  So, those records must be maintained in the ClubExpress system.


The PMP Connector – when the PMP Connector is up and running, the Per Member Payment to LWVUS and the State League for each member will automatically be deducted from their credit card payment.  This system will change how PMP is invoiced.


I look forward to seeing you on Thursday !


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