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Date: 12/7/2021
Subject: Colorado Gives Day Is Here!
From: Beth Hendrix

League Updates
One Day.
Countless Opportunities To Make A Difference.


It's Colorado Gives Day, and that means it's time to join your friends and neighbors in our state's largest single day of giving!


Donate to LWVCO between now and 11:59 p.m. tonight to help your gift go even further in supporting our mission of empowering voters and defending democracy.

How Your Gift Helps LWVCO


Your donation in any amount directly contributes to the full scope of our activities at the state level.


LWVCO impacts our state through legislation:

  • This year, the Legislative Action Committee, our volunteer advocacy corps, supported or opposed 99 bills while monitoring another 22. 93% of those bills were signed or defeated in alignment with League testimony. Among many others, these new laws will...

  • Expand safety options for women suffering relationship abuse (HB 1255: Protection Order Issued Against Domestic Abuser)

  • Mandate safe gun storage and reporting of lost or stolen weapons to keep guns out of the wrong hands (HB 1106: Safe Storage of Firearms and SB 78: Lost or Stolen Firearms)

  • Ensure citizens whose primary language is not English can vote easily and accurately (HB 1011: Multilingual Ballot Access)

  • Provide needed programs for our most vulnerable residents (SB 173: Rights in Residential Lease Agreements, HB 1232: Standardized Health Benefit Plan Colorado Option, SB 199: Removing Barriers to Certain Public Opportunities)

  • Looking forward, we’re drafting several pieces of legislation for the 2022 session to expand voting rights and enhance our redistricting processes.

LWVCO impacts our state through education:

  • Since July 1, Colorado Leagues have provided more than 100 educational events, including candidate forums and ballot issues.

  • Looking forward, LWVCO will continue to offer presentations on civics and civil discourse to strengthen our fragile democracy.

All of this is possible because generous donors like you believe in the importance of our vital work.

What Makes Colorado Gives Day Special?


While we're always grateful for your contributions on any day of the year, gifts that are made on Colorado Gives Day allow us to unlock an additional portion of the $1.6 million incentive fund. This fund is provided by several community sponsors.


Whatever percentage we raise compared to the total giving across all organizations means that we will receive that same percentage of $1.6 million. For example, even by raising just a fraction -- let's say 0.25%, a quarter of a percent -- of everything else raised today, that amount is enough to earn LWVCO an additional $4,000.


This once-a-year opportunity means that the impact of making your gift today is even greater. Donate now to be part of this special event. Thank you very much for supporting the League!



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