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Date: 1/13/2021
Subject: SQUINT Final Summary
From: Rionda Osman

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FROM: Rionda Osman
SQUINT Final Summary
Greetings SQUINTers !
The MITRE SQUINT team has wrapped up the project to report misinformation and disinformation during the electoral campaign.  Click the link below to read their summary report:
We can all delete the apps on our phones and computers.  If you'd like to review the status reports we received, they are available in our Document Library, and you can access them through the SQUINTing page. 
Below is the cover letter Gary Bundy and Emily Frye sent with their report. 
Thank you for participating in this project.  I believe that it was a small first step toward identifying and reporting misinformation and disinformation.  I hope that you were able to sharpen your critical skills as you surfed the internet.  I know I looked at things a little differently. 
Be well in this new year. 
Rionda Osman


First, thank you for being an engaged and active community for the SQUINT for Election Integrity Pilot which ran from February 2020 to December 2020. While we initially planned to deliver this summary in mid-December, we continued the SQUINT pilot through the certification of the electoral college so it took us a little longer to get this to you.


Attached you will find the summary of what we saw over the pilot period based upon your SQUINTs. 


Some have asked if you may now delete the SQUINT app from your phones—yes, the SQUINT application can be deleted from your smart phones.


Which brings us to the next application of SQUINT. In continuing to fight misinformation, we are conducting a pilot of SQUINT to combat misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccinations and are building our community of SQUINTers. If you are a member of an organization that would like to fight COVID-19 misinformation, please contact us at  and we will setup a time to discuss this new opportunity to fight misinformation.


On behalf of the MITRE SQUINT Team, thank you for your support of SQUINT to fight misinformation in the 2020 elections.




Gary N. Bundy                                                            Emily Frye

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