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Date: 12/4/2020
Subject: LWVUS/ClubExpress Interface Update
From: Rionda Osman

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TO:   LWVCO Technology Committee

FROM:   Rionda Osman

LWVUS/ClubExpress Interface Progress
and Pilot Test

Please share with your League’s Management Teams

On Wednesday, (2 December 2020) Jason Johnson, LWVUS IT Director, and Dan Erhmann, ClubExpress President, gave us an update on their work on the data interface between the LWVUS National Roster and our ClubExpress systems.  They also discussed the upcoming pilot test in which Colorado has been invited to participate.


Interface Purpose:

As a reminder, this interface has been a couple of years in the making.  This link between our member management systems and the National Roster will eliminate double data-entry in a first phase.  Our membership teams will be able to manage the membership records in one place – their ClubExpress database.  Then, the National Roster will be automatically updated with information from our systems.


In the second phase, the system to allocate the per member payments (PMP) will be brought on line.  When this system is activated, the PMP for each membership payment will automatically be allocated to LWVUS and LWVCO.  This fund sharing will save data-entry time, and an added benefit is that LWVUS and LWVCO will cover their share of the credit card charges. 


Proposed Schedule:

The development teams working on the LWVUS/Club Express interface are making pretty good progress.  They have completed a first set of tests on the data sharing system, and, as they work on the second test set, they are preparing for a pilot test.


The pilot, using real data from a working system, should be completed by late December 2020 or early January 2021.  Jason Johnson estimated that all leagues would be on the data-exchange system by the end of January.


The funds allocation system may be online in early February 2021, although that is an aggressive goal.


Pilot Test:

Because our Colorado system is largely established, robust, and varied, we have been asked to participate in the pilot.  Initially, the State Office and one or two local leagues will participate.  Larimer County and Boulder County have agreed to participate. 


During the pilot, our system data will used in a copy of the LWVUS database.  The testers will run various scenarios, verify that the two systems work as intended, and check system performance.  Dan Erhmann said that there will be no impact on operations during the pilot.


After the pilot, a beta test will use our data in the live LWVUS system.  Finally, the interface will become part of the ClubExpress system.  When the data sharing interface is operational, membership managers will no longer need to update the National Roster.  The data entered into the local league database will be automatically transferred to the National Roster each day. 


Advantages to Participating Now:

The data sharing system is, in many ways, being defined now.  As Colorado participates in this pilot, our membership managers will be able to see problems, give advice, and receive personalized feedback and support.  The final system will be attuned to the needs of the Colorado leagues – any eccentricities of our operations will have been discovered and accommodated during the pilot.


Larimer County and Boulder County will begin the pilot with the State Office.  Jason Johnson has said that the more data the better, so we may add other leagues if there is interest.  If the testers ask for more data, I will reach out to other leagues to gauge their interest. 


Contact Rionda Osman at for more information. 



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