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Date: 10/14/2020
Subject: SQUINT Report on Voting Confusion
From: Rionda Osman

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FROM: Rionda Osman
SQUINTSAGRAM: Colorado Voter Eligibility Postcards
SQUINT Report:  Friendly Fire: Vote by Mail Confusion

Greetings SQUINTers !
We've received a new SQUINTSTAGRAM that relates directly to Colorado -- and the Secretary of State's Office has been notified and are deciding what, if anything, to do.
In addition, MITRE-SQUINT has issued a report, Friendly Fire: Vote by Mail Confusion, that I think you'll find interesting. 
The reports and other SQUINT documents are in the LWVCO Document Library.  The links are listed below. 

Thank you for volunteering to report mis/ disinformation about elections and voting that you find on social media,  We are enrolled in the MITRE SQUINT See-Something-Say-Something program to protect electoral integrity.  

The links  below are to documents in the LWVCO Document Library (Voter Services > SQUINT folder). 
Reports and bulletins we have received: 
If you have lost the email from MITRE that give you the password for your phone installation, you can request a replacement from:


More information is available on the LWVCO website: 
Gerry Cummins, LWVCO Director of Voter Services, was contacted by MITRE and the LWV Alexandria VA to participate in the SQUINT program.  After speaking with the program director at MITRE, we asked the LWVCO Board to approve our participation on 9 July. 
An enrollment form was posted online, and by 31 July we had our first slate of volunteers. 
We will be working with the electoral security team at the Secretary of State's Office.  When we SQUINTers report incorrect or misleading election information on social media, the security specialists at the Colorado Secretary of State's Office will receive a report.  The League will support their efforts to combat misinformation and disinformation. 
Check the LWVCO SQUINT webpage for more information.  


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