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LWVCO News Access & Literacy Task Force

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Advocating For A Healthy Colorado News Ecosystem
By Katina Frierson
Posted: 2023-12-07T21:54:07Z

Written by Linda Hutchinson, Committee Chair

News Access & Literacy Task Force

The League of Women Voters of Colorado (LWVCO) has adopted a local news position that will be useful in advocating for the health of Colorado’s news ecosystem.


LWVCO members throughout Colorado overwhelmingly agree that everyone should have access to information necessary for casting an informed ballot and that credible local news sources are integral to this pursuit.


To that end, this local news position will allow local Leagues throughout Colorado to advocate for:

1.        Barrier-free access to news that is an accurate third-party account of government activities;

2.        Control of content remaining with news publishers; and

3.        Media literacy training for all.


LWV is nonpartisan in that it does not support political candidates or parties but takes positions on issues. Those positions are adopted following a grassroots process involving in-depth study, member education, and member approval.


This local news position was recommended after careful review by the News Access and Literacy Task Force (NAL) of LWVCO. It is based on the local news position of the League of Women Voters of Washington.


Local news positions:

Find tools to spot misinformation and disinformation:

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