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Fight Election Misinformation with SQUINT


We are all aware of the tremendous amount of misinformation on social media. In a recent primary,  a rumor on social media gave wrong factual advice that anyone over 60 should not go to the polls due to the coronavirus. So how do we get control over this, and make sure our election officials can combat this dangerous disinformation? There’s an app for that! Really.

In partnership with MITRE Corp. and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the League of Women Voters of Colorado is participating in a critical new project called SQUINT to assist state and local elections officers with combating misinformation on social media.  Forty volunteers from our leagues in Colorado have signed up to report misinformation or disinformation in social media. They have installed SQUINT software on their computers and/ or phones that allow them to make screen shots of suspicious posts and report them to MITRE SQUINT. SQUINT analysts study reports from across the nation and issue reports. We share those reports with the Election Security team at the Secretary of State's Office.

Due to overwhelming interest, LWVCO is not recruiting for additional SQUINT volunteers at this time.

What We've Done

SQUINT Reports and Bulletins


How it Works

1. SQUINTers download the SQUINT app on their mobile device or tablet. They receive an individual user number to ensure anonymity.

2. SQUINTers use the app to report election (not candidate) misinformation they see on social media by pressing an owl symbol on the app to capture and send a screen shot of the posting to MITRE.

3. MITRE verifies the screen shot and sends it to the appropriate election official who can then take action, such as notifying the social media displaying inaccurate posts and/or the public as needed. 

Still have questions? Review our informative slide deck (from LWV Fairfax VA)  and one-pager. You may also email; we're happy to help!



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