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Colorado Voter Newsletter

What is the Colorado Voter?

Simply, the Colorado Voter is the League of Women Voters of Colorado's regular newsletter. Now an email, the Colorado Voter was once a document delivered to all LWV members in the state of Colorado in the post.  These communications continue to be the best way for voters to stay up-to-date on what the League is doing and how they can involve themselves. These days, anyone can sign up to receive our newsletter. If you're interested, please see below. In addition, many of the Local Leagues in Colorado publish and distribute their own "Voter." To sign up for a specific newsletter in your area, please visit that Local League's website for more information.


Recent Colorado Voters

Latest Edition:  

Colorado Voter September 2020

Past Editions: 
Colorado Voter July 2020
Colorado Voter April 2020
Colorado Voter February 2020
Colorado Voter December 2019
Colorado Voter November 2019
Colorado Voter October 2019
Colorado Voter July 2019
Colorado Voter May 2019
Colorado Voter March 2019

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