POSITION: (Adopted 2003)

In partisan elections, to assure grass-roots involvement, League supports the continuation of the historic system of precinct caucuses and party assemblies and conventions by the political parties, including the role of assemblies in designating candidates for the primary election ballot. The League supports modifications to make this system more effective. We support the combining of several caucuses at one location, as is currently being done in many counties.

While recognizing the continuing role of the political party assemblies in designating candidates, we also support the opportunity for political party candidates to be placed on the primary election ballot through the petition process. We support modifications to the petition process to make it more effective and reasonable.

We support extensive efforts by all concerned, including the political parties, media and League, to better educate the public about precinct caucuses. In particular, there must be greatly improved information disseminated regarding the time, location and purpose of the precinct caucuses.