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The League of Women Voters has worked since 1920 to improve local, state and national government and strengthen our communities through citizen education and action. Rooted in the fight for women’s suffrage, the League has grown to include men as members and to protect the rights of all eligible voters.

The League of Women Voters is nonpartisan; it never supports or opposes candidates or political parties. The League does take action on issues of importance to its members and the community, after studying them in-depth.

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2016 Ballot Initiatives

LWVCO has taken positions on these statewide ballot initiatives, based on League positions adopted through study and consensus:

SUPPORT Amendment 69 – State Health Care System

The Board of Directors of the LWVCO supports Amendment 69 because it aligns with all tenets of LWVUS’s Healthcare position. Details

For years the LWVCO Legislative Action Committee (LAC) has followed legislation put forth by Sen. Irene Aguilar, M.D., one of the political architects of ColoradoCare. In December 2015 she met with the board and answered our questions. We also considered two economic analyses. A more recent Colorado Health Institute analysis states that ColoradoCare would be solvent for at least ten years.

No one can provide future economic certainty. We can, however, look to the past and see that without reform, many will go without adequate health insurance and that costs will continue to escalate.

Links to Economic Reports:  1 2  3

SUPPORT Initiative #101

State Minimum Wage

Why LWVCO supports raising the state minimum wage

SUPPORT Amendment T

No Exception To Involuntary Servitude Prohibition

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SUPPORT Amendment U

Exempt Certain Possessory Interests From Property Taxes

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