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Date: 6/17/2022
Subject: Updates & Upcoming Events
From: Lynsey Georgen, DevComm Manager LWV Colorado

June 2022

The LWV National Convention is almost here! This exciting event will take place from June 23-26 in Denver as well as online. Visit the LWVUS website to learn more!
The Powering Democracy Awards will be presented at the LWVUS 2022 Convention in recognition of Leagues for their work exemplary over the past biennium.
Colorado League is up for the Powering Democracy Award and we would love your vote! Voting closes today.
Please use the link below to vote--we appreciate your support!
Vote here!

Whitepaper: Colorado's Stellar and Innovative Election System
It is with great pleasure that Board President, Karen Sheek, shares the final draft:
"The committee working on this document for the past six+ months includes Gerry Cummins, Stacie Johnson, Susan Stark, and Fern Black.  Their expertise, willingness to meet time and again, as well as the wonderful camaraderie that developed over months of working together, made it a joy to work with them.  They have my thanks and high regard. I also found a fellow night owl in Stacie, and we engaged in many late night / early morning email conversations!  The committee consulted with country clerks across the state as well as the SOS’s office, and much personal committee time was put into researching, cross-checking facts, and tweaking language.  Final edits continued even as the document was sitting on the translator’s desk (figuratively speaking, of course!).  My thanks also to Lynsey for her assistance in creating a very professional, eye-popping cover as well as a poster that will be displayed at convention.  With the patience of a saint, she made edit after edit as the committee provided input."
This will be provided to Colorado county clerks, the SOS’s Office, and a number of election-focused nonprofits across the country.  The committee will also make themselves available to make presentations to LL members and community groups in an effort to educate voters and hopefully, instill/reinforce confidence in Colorado elections. We encourage you to check it out at the link below!
Colorado's Stellar Elections

New Feature! Member Spotlight
Meet Irene Tynes...
 We are excited to begin highlighting League members in our emails each week! Our hope is to introduce your fellow community members and put faces on the names you often see. Who better to start this off than incoming president, Irene Tynes?

A wife, mother of three adult children, and full-time oncology radiation Registered Nurse at St. Joseph, Irene is a member of the Denver League and a self-professed "political junkie". She is quick to acknowledge that she has huge shoes to fill with the outgoing leadership and knows that much of the work ahead is fine tuning the infrastructure that has been boldly built as the state league spreads its wings.

"I'm excited for the synergy that's happening between the local leagues and the state and how, together, our circle of influence is dynamic. I look forward to continuing the emphasis on valuable partnerships, so that we can be a great example on the far more that aligns us than divides us."

Irene steps into the LWVCO Board President role July 1st. Make sure to give her a warm welcome!
New Staff...
With that introduction, it occurs to us that it's nice to meet the people behind the emails you get! While I have interacted with many of you and even met a few, I wanted to take a moment to formally introduce myself and also a new summer staff member.
My name is Lynsey Georgen (pronounced George-n) and I am the new Development and Communications, or DevComm Manager. I work a hybrid schedule both at the office in Denver and from my home in Berthoud. I am a Colorado native, originally from Estes Park, and I have over a decade of experience in non-profit development with school, homeless outreach and violence prevention organizations, and the arts. I am also a professional photographer and artist. I have two adult children, two teenage boys, two one-eyed dogs, a couple of cats, and a man who continuously refers to me as his wife.
I am tremendously excited to be here!
At this time the state office has the Operations Manager position open. It is posted and will close next week. Should you know of anyone who might be interested, more info is on all major job sites and also here.
While we are in this transition, we are incredibly fortunate to have Alison, an accounting major at Gonzaga, who is home with her family in Denver for the summer. She initially requested to join us as an intern, however we were thrilled to invited her on as a staff member as her skills filled a number of our needs. She will stay through mid-August, assisting with many administrative and accounting duties on a part time basis. 

LWVDenver Bulb Sale Extended!
There's still time to order your bulbs for fall planting! Check out their storefront at the link below:

Upcoming Events
June 18
June 19
Juneteenth Holiday
June 20
LAST day that a voter should return their ballot by USPS
June 22
June 22
June 23-26
June 28
July 1
July 12
July 18
July 21

NOTE: All times are Mountain. Are any events missing from this list? Please notify to be included in our next email. Thank you!


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