The League of Women Voters is known for its in-depth studies of issues that affect government and communities. The studies are the basis for both education and advocacy.

Study makes action possible by giving members an opportunity to examine facts, pro and con arguments, and political realities. Once an issue has been proposed by local Leagues and adopted for study, a resource committee researches the issue and presents the material to the membership. Small units discuss the issue so that everyone has an opportunity to express an opinion. A position is developed, based on the sense of the group, which becomes the basis for taking action.

Behavioral Health Study

Update the LWVCO Health Care Position to include Behavioral Health

The Scope of the Study for an updated Health Care position is: Access to Quality Behavioral Health Care – this includes need for services, Colorado’s current service delivery system including the criminal justice system, funding for services, stigma and barriers to effective service delivery, behavioral health and gun violence, current trends including integrated care, and new and promising practices.

Behavioral Health Study Materials

Behavioral Health Position that was adopted by LWVCO in May 2015 and by LWV of the United States in June 2016.

Amending the Constitution Study

SCOPE: This study is not about particular amendments that various people may be supporting or opposing. It is about the constitutional process for amending the Constitution as well as the considerations for evaluating the amendments.

All materials are available at

A summary of the three main readings has been prepared by Nancy Crow, Vice-President for Program. Download it here.

Positions Adopted:

Considerations for Evaluating Constitutional Amendment Proposals

Constitutional Conventions Under Article V of the U.S. Constitution


LWVUS Money in Politics Review and Update 2014-2016

SCOPE: The LWVUS Campaign Finance Position will be updated through a study and consensus process to consider:

  • The rights of individuals and organizations, under the First Amendment, to express their political views through independent expenditures and the finance of election campaign activities: and
  • How those rights, if any, should be protected and reconciled with the interests set out in the current position.

The LWVUS committee is providing ready-to-use resources and strategies to help understand the current system of campaign finance regulation. The link to this material is:

The contents of the Meetings in a Box are:

  • Background Reading List
  • Issue Paper Topics
  • PowerPoint Presentation and Script
  • Template for Money In Politics in the States
  • Templates for Publicizing MIP Events

Position that was adopted on Money in Politics

LWVUS Agricultural Update

Recommended Reading and Multimedia Resources

View the recommended reading list

View list of multimedia resources for background information

Agriculture Update Background Papers

View the position that was adopted by LWVUS

Hydraulic Fracturing Study

At the 2011 LWVCO convention, the delegates voted to have a study on Hydraulic Fracturing. A committee was formed and work began in the summer of 2011. After assessing other state leagues studies on hydrofracturing, it was decided that LWVCO would do a study rather than a concurrence in order to address coal bed methane and water quantity issues, not covered in other leagues’ studies.

All documents are in PDF format unless otherwise marked.


The Education Study Background Papers

Role of the Federal Government in Public Education (pdf)
Common Core Standards and Assesments (pdf)
Equity and Funding (pdf)

LWVUS Position

View the position that was adopted by LWVUS.

Privatization Study

Scope of the Privatization Study:
The purpose of this study is to identify those parameters and policy issues to be considered in connection with proposals to transfer federal, state or local government services, assets and/or functions to the private sector.  It will review the stated goals and the community impact of such transfers, and identify strategies to ensure transparency, accountability, and preservation of the common good.

Learn more about the Privatization on the LWVUS website.

LWVUS Position
View the position that was adopted by the LWVUS.

Recommended Reading
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