LWVCO’s advocacy in the legislature is spearheaded by the Legislative Action Committee (LAC) and Staff Lobbyist, with League members across the state participating in Action Alerts.

Led by Jeannette Hillery, the Legislative Action Chair, and Staff Lobbyist Andrea Wilkins, the 25 volunteer lobbyists of the LAC analyze legislation and decide whether to support, oppose, or watch it, based on League positions.

Advocacy includes:

  • testifying in legislative committee hearings
  • writing letters and emails to Representatives, Senators, the Governor, and the media
  • encouraging League members to contact their legislators and local media
  • participating in commissions and coalitions
  • holding an annual Legislative Conference for League members and guests
  • publishing the Legislative Letter


Legislative Letters

LAC members write articles about each bill that is being followed by League, researching the provisions and effects of the bill, evaluating it in light of League positions, and updating its progress through the legislative process.

Every two weeks during the session, the Legislative Letter is published and distributed to subscribers, legislators, the media, the Governor’s office, and local Leagues. It is posted a few days later to the LWVCO website.

Subscribe to the Legislative Letter

For $30.00 all issues of the Legislative Letter will be sent via email for the 2018 Colorado Legislative Session.

Two ways to subscribe :

    • Secure online charge card transaction below – Add to Cart
    • Mail LAC Subscription form and check payable to LWVCO, 1410 Grant St., B204, Denver, CO 80203.
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 Letter 1  |  Letter 2  |  Letter 3  |  Letter 4  |  Letter 5  |  Letter 6  |  Letter 7  |  Letter 8  |  Letter 9