“Not for Women Only”

Grow With the League

Expand your horizons through invaluable professional and personal contacts with people who make things happen in your community. Sharpen your skills in researching issues, leadership, influencing public policy, and communications.

League welcomes you at every level: national, state and local. Choose where you want to have an impact, from the U.S. Congress to the Colorado General Assembly to your county or city government.

Membership in the League of Women Voters is open to all citizens of voting age. Associate membership is open to non citizens and students under 18. Additional members of the same household may join for half price.

Join a Local League

Get the most from your League experience by joining a local League. Most of the action happens here, from candidate forums and voter registration drives to working with local officials to make your community a better place to live.

Find a League

See the local League website for details about dues and joining.
For Leagues with no website, contact the state office at info@lwvcolorado.org or 303-863-0437.

Join LWV Colorado as a Member-at-Large

If there isn’t a local League in your area, we invite you to join on the state level as a Member-at-Large.






I will pay dues by:

Check mailed to LWVCO, 1410 Grant St, Ste B204, Denver, CO 80203PayPal

I prefer to get the Colorado Voter newsletter by email


Annual Dues for LWVCO membership (includes national membership):
$50 for an individual
$75 for a household
$25 for a student