Action Taken at State Level on National Position


Support policies to provide a decent home and a suitable living environment for every American family.

POSITION: (Adopted 1989)

LWVUS supports policies to provide a decent home and a suitable living environment for every American family. The responsibility for achieving national housing goals rests primarily with the federal government, which should assure that there is sufficient decent housing for citizens at all income levels. State and local governments should assist by establishing effective agencies to aid, promote, coordinate and supplement the housing programs of the federal government and the private sector. Government at all levels must make available sufficient funds for housing-assistance programs.

State and local governments should adopt and enforce uniform building codes with standards based on performance and housing codes to protect the health and safety of all citizens. State and local tax structures should benefit communities that build housing for lower-income families, encourage private owners to improve their homes, and reduce speculative land costs.


Colorado suffers from a lack of affordable, decent housing. For many years LWVCO has lobbied for housing legislation which requires that minimal necessities (water, heat, electricity) be provided in rental housing, and at the same time safeguards landlords’ rights. LWVCO has also supported efforts to establish a Housing Trust Fund.

In 1989 a voluntary contribution on state income tax returns was authorized to provide funding for the homeless.

In 2008 LWVCO supported the Colorado Housing Investment Fund, a bill that emerged from a Blue Ribbon Commission on affordable housing, but it failed.

League supported a 2014 measure, which passed, that expanded the sources of funding for grants and loans for affordable housing projects, including state tax credits.