Support state licensing and continued oversight by an adequate number of trained staff, and ensure availability of affordable quality child care to all children who need it.

POSITION: (Concurrence with LWVUS, 1988)
Support programs, services and policies at all levels of government to expand the supply of affordable, quality child care for all who need it, in order to increase access to employment and to prevent and reduce poverty.

  • LWVCO supports:
    Affordable, quality child care available to all regardless of financial circumstances.
  • State licensing and continued oversight by an adequate, trained staff.
  • Use of public funds, public facilities, and employer contributions to provide for child care.
  • Policies for adequate care of sick children of working parents.
  • Payment of child care allowances through public funds, employer contributions and private philanthropy.
  • Legislation and community education for the crucial protection of families through affordable, quality child care.

“An evaluation of child care facilities in Colorado” was adopted by the 1987 LWVCO Convention in order to be in a position to take action on this issue. The study examined regulations, costs and availability of child care. Criteria for evaluation of legislation and the regulation of child care facilities were developed.

In 2011 LWVCO supported successful legislation that closed loopholes in the fingerprint-based background check requirements for newly hired child care employees.